Speed Up The Process

Uploading your documents to the Chill Money Hub? We want to help speed up your application process. We have provided a guide to the specific requirements when sending in your Proof of Identification, Proof of Address and Proof of Income.


Proof of ID Verification

When sending in your Proof of ID, one piece of photographic evidence must be supplied and should be one of the following (unexpired): Passport (including passport card), Driving Licence or Immigration Card.  Simply take a picture of the document using your smart phone.  To upload the document, access your photos and select the photo of the document.

Please ensure the picture of the document is very clear and that is provided in colour.  Please ensure all 4 corners of the document is visible in the photo.

Take a look at examples of both the correct and incorrect way to send in your Proof of ID.

Irish Drivers Licence

If you are sending in a copy of a paper licence, please ensure the licence is unfolded and all edges are visible in the image being sent.

We will only require an image of the front of your licence and we will need to be able to see all information, including the picture, the categories the licence covers and the dates valid.

All 4 corners of the licence should be visible in the photo.

If you are sending in a copy of your plastic licence, all four corners of the card must be visible and we need to be able to see all information on the front of the licence.

Irish Passport

If you are sending a copy of your passport, please ensure when taking a photograph, that all 4 corners of pages 3 and 4 are clearly visible. You signature must also be on page 4 of your passport.


Proof of Address Verification

For Proof of Address one of the following documents, dated within the last 3 months must be provided:

  • Utility Bill
  • Any bank correspondence displaying the customer’s bank account number
  • Any revenue correspondence
  • Any social welfare correspondence displaying the customer’s PPS number
  • Any insurance correspondence displaying the customer’s policy number (including; home, life, car, health)
  • Littlewoods correspondence displaying the customer’s account number
  • Road Safety Authority / National Driving Licence Service / correspondence such as NCT – National Car Test Report
  • Any correspondence issued from or on behalf of a government body or local county council

When taking a photo of your Proof of Address, we need to see the entire full page clearly. Please ensure the image is not blurry, and all of the necessary requirements are clearly visible.

Take a look at the example of the correct formatting required when sending in your Proof of Address.

proof of income

Proof of Income Verification

When sending your Proof of Income, we will require 1 month of bank statements dated within the last 30 days. Your bank statements can be downloaded from your online banking and saved into a PDF format onto your desktop. Please note that these documents must be supplied in colour.

If you are sending a photo of your Proof of Income, this too will need to be provided in colour. Please ensure that the entire image is not blurry and is clearly visible. If you are unsure of the specific requirements when sending in your Proof of Income, take a look at the examples provided.

Self Employed

If you are self employed and we require Proof of Income, we will need the last two years of your Tax Assessment forms (must include tax returns and Revenue acceptance forms).  These can be obtained from your accountant or the Revenue.  Please note that these documents must be uploaded in colour.